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Junior Category

Silver Medal - Kyle Tucker for Green Teeth
Gold Medal - Ross Singletary for the old sheriff

Basic Category

Gold - Wendell Horn for the Crusader

Certificates of Merit


Roderick Bell - 1/48 Sherman
Keith Townsend - BMS 13
Oscar Perez - SDKFZ 234

Fantasy Painters

Chris Conklin - Iron clad
Brian Howard - Frost giant

Historical Painters

Jim Reynolds - Gods son
Richard Benevides - Commander J. Young
Kevin Thornton - Sgt Zulu war
Brian Howard - Lock Eribolls
Russ Holm - Red Knight
Ted Paone - Navy 1943
Keith Townsend - Oxford blues
Paul Hooper - Francis of Assisi
Brian Tucker - Panzer
Bobby Upmore - Waffen-SS
Oscar Perez - Stormin Norman
Steven Hardin - The Adversaries
Carter Latham - SS Gunner
Dennis Foulds - Comanche
Kyle Guerry - WWI R.F.C.
Alan Weaver - R L Lee
Adam Bulogh - Templar
Gary Boggs - German Officer
Chris Lenahan - Norman Knight
Tom Wagoner - Duke as Davy
Nam Nguyen - WWII Panzer Gren.

Fantasy Open

Bruce Kaluzc - Doctor Doom
Chris Lenahan - Starship Trooper

Historical Open

Russ Holm German - Knight
Mike Bobe - In the shadow of history
Richard Hazlett - Cossack Pirate
Tom Wagoner -Au Mepris De
Bronze Medals


Rick Harrington - Wolf WM!K
Martin Jones - Cav Butcher
Bobby Uptmor - M4A3
David Wiggins - Ambush
Chris Lenahan- Centaur

Fantasy Painters

Kevin Thornton - Dana Murphy
Dave Schmidt - Asator
Glenn Phillips - Diapered Succubus
Richard Benavidas - Treasure guard
Jason Cichon - The butcher
Dennis Foulds - Geppettos Dream
Paul Hooper - Headache
Russ Holm - Gustav
David Wiggins - Zilla Splash
Stephen Hardin - Red Roses
Keith Townsend - Mature Nephilim
Nam Nguyen - Trygon
Tom Wagoner - Vamp
Bruce Kaluza - Rocketeer
Bob Waltman - Gandalf

Historical Painters

Mike Meehan - Surviving winter
Jason Cichon - French sapper
Arthur Berning - US infantry
Vern Minkawitz - Grenadier a cheval
Lonnie McIntosh - First Texas
Bob Bethea - Down the canyon
Eric Choy - Eddie Rickenbacker
Glenn Philips - Corset Girl
David Wiggins - Charlie Chaplin
Tom Williams - Officer of Red lancers
Bob Waltman - Brothers Remembered

Fantasy Open

Mike Meehan - No man’s land
Jeremiah C De Baca - Grettle on stone
David Schmidt - Y’salla and the darkness
Darren Tice here - Wolfie
Ted Paone - Surfs up
David Wiggins - Oz revisited
Pete Jovanavich - Hobbit
Cliff Baily - Space Born

Historical Open

Mark Mindeman - Ethan Edwards
Oscar Perez - The Fallen
Henry Nunez - Surrender of Aachen
Richard Benevedes - Airborne in Iraq
David Wiggins - Espangne
Brian Tucker - Lt. Dixon and the Hunley
Brian Mikelencak - Pale rider
Dan Hill - Triage
Nam Nguyen - A picture in the paper
Cliff bailey - Italy 1944


Bob Bethea - Panzerjager 1
Brian Mikulecak - BT7
Bryan Tucker - Junkers J1
Steve McNaughton - DAK Kubelwagon
Eric Choy - The Prag uprising
James Rice - Ambulances
Dan Hill - P-51
Cliff Bailey - SDKFZ 234

Fantasy Painters

Lyn Stahl - Red Wolf
Eric Choy - Genma
Adam Balogh - Princess
Anne Forester - Wolfen Champion
William Mathews - Fire Lane

Historical Painters

Mike Stevens - 17th lancers
John Long - Royal Horse Artillery
Kevin Dlashmit - Zulu
Chris Mrosko - Vietnam Infantry
Mark Mindeman - Wyatt Earp
Joe Martinez - Napoleon crossing the Alps
Henry Nunez - Panzer lt.
Darren Tice - Viking
Martin Jones - Where’s the fire
Mike Davidson - Crusader

Fantasy Open

Paul S. Rutherford III - Fire fly
John Long - Eldar Ranger
Eric Choy - Banshees’ wale
Glenn Phillips - That’s far enough boys
Martin Jones - Queen Ileosa
Bob Waltman - Death Dealer
William Matthews - Pink Bunny

Historical Open

Eric Choy - Geisha Girls
Bob Bethea - Arden’s attack
Gilbert Moreno - Big Red One
Bob Waltman - Heroism’s higher call
Paul Marshal - German dioramas


Alex DeLeon - Fokker D8
Russ Holm - Japanese field gun
Paul Rutherford III - Brumbar
Lonnie McIntosh - US jeep
Chris Mrosko - Israeli M51
Arthur Berning - P2L Luchs
Danny Lauderdale - Skyraider
Kyle Guery - Hunting Tiger “ fly in my coffee”
Garry Boggs - Stag hound MK 1
Fantasy painters
Martin Jones - Monique Denoir
Mike Meehan - Sinbad
Julio Cabos - Ancient Hobbit
Jeremiah De Baca - Sorscha

Historical Painters

Scott Primeau - US special forces
James Rice - SS Grenadier
Jason Green - French Nobleman
Gilbert Moreno - Aussi Tanker
Julio Cabos - Buccaneer 1650

Historical Open

Chris Mrosko - Conglelese Type 69
Jim Rice - Defeat at Majuba
Anders Heintz - Awaiting a rank one
Bill Horan - 8th Bersaglieri
John Long - Shift Change
Alex DeLeon - Motor Cycles
Special Awards

Dieter Matingly Memorial Award - Nam Ngyan for his entire display

Best Old West Figure - Gilbert Moreno for Comanche

Best Napoleonic - James Rice for French Voltigeur

Best Fantasy - Martin Jones for Monique DeNoir

Best Civil War - Anders Heintz for 2nd Texas

Best WWII - Alex DeLeon for WWII Bikes

Best Diorama - Bob Waltman for Way of the cross

Best Modern - Scott Primeau for US special forces

Best Medieval - Mike Davidson for Crusader (James Bond)

Spirit of Texas Award - Ross Singletary for his display

Best Ordnance - Danny Lauderdale for A1 Skyraider

Best Armor - Chris Mrosko for Hebrew Sherman

Most Photogenic Award (eye candy award) - William Matthews for his tall girls

The Andrea Award - Jason Green for Musketeer

Peoples Choice Award 2012

Julio Cabos for his entire display

Best of Show 2012

Alex DeLeon for his scratch built bikes

2012 Lone Star Figure Show
Awards List
Fun Facts

Total Entries: 452
Total Exhibitors: 68

Total Medals Awarded

Gold - 24
Silver - 34
Bronze - 49
Certificate of Merit - 33