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The idea for resurrecting a show in Texas is not a new one. It's been floating around for quite some time, but it wasn't until May of 2011 that the idea found a new spark. This time the spark was nurtured and the result is why you are looking at this page now! The new and improved idea was two fold: 

We look at it as a way to give back to the modeling community after years of Texans attending shows all over the US, it is time for us to carry the torch of organizing an event. 

We also want to offer a show with workshops, seminars and a competition, focusing on giving each participant the opportunity to grow as an artist.

We all agree that figure shows are a lot of fun, meeting new and old friends spending time talking about figures, and of course shopping for those latest kits and supplies. The only thing a show really lacks is an opportunity for the participants to attend workshops and seminars, where they can actually learn new techniques with hands on practice, taught by well known figure artists. As it is now, people can only learn by talking to other figure enthusiasts or attending various seminars, or by working directly with friends. The problem with the current style of seminars is that rarely do you really learn anything. Yes, it is great to see how others do something, but without either doing it, or receiving some tools to bring home with you, most of that information is lost. The current seminar concept is to give an understanding of the process in question rather than actually learning how to copy the process.

We want to change all this, and provide a show where each and everyone who attends the workshops will have the chance to learn new techniques and have the opportunity to grow as an artist. 

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The Lone Star Show will be judged with the OPEN system. Awards given will be Gold, Silver, Bronze and Certificate of Merit. Details about the Open System can be found on the Military Miniature Society of Illinois website.

What this means is that there are no 1st, 2nd or 3rd prizes. Each artist will be judged and rewarded according to their current level of proficiency. We will award as many Gold Medals as there are deserving entries, the same goes for each level of achievement. We believe this is the best system to encourage growth with-in the hobby, as it is a great measuring stick as to where one's proficiency level is at the time of judging. It gives the artist an idea as to where they stand, and will help motivate each person to continue to grow in this wonderful hobby.

We will have several different categories for artists to enter.

Junior Category

- up to 14 yrs old

For people who are new to the hobby and may be uncomfortable to be judged under the higher standard of the Advanced Category. This category is open for armor, airplanes, dioramas,  figures, original sculptures and fantasy figures.


- painters
- open

- painters
- open

- painters
- open

We will also have a series of special awards, to be announced at a later date. These will be fun, specialized awards focusing on certain parts of the worlds history and other specific criteria. The special awards are not connected to the overall judging and any entry will be eligible.